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Biological Monitoring & Habitat Assessment Volunteers

Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA)

Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA)

After completing a training on how to conduct an appropriate Habitat Assessment using EPA’s Low Gradient Stream Habitat Assessment sheet and how to score properly, volunteers will assess the the habitats in specific areas of the Charles River Watershed. Either one or two volunteers will be assigned to a specific site in need of assessment. 

Additionally, volunteers are needed to conduct BMI assessments. Benthic Macroinvertebrates (BMI) are small aquatic animals and larval insects that live in water bodies and can be seen without a microscope. Volunteers will dig in the mud and investigate the water to assess the health and diversity of the BMI. 

For more information on BMI monitoring, please visit

Volunteers will be trained by CRWA and do not need prior experience or a background in science. 

Please contact or (617) 540-5650 for more details.

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