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Harvard Square Homeless Shelter

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter

Operating from November 1st to April 15th every year, the student-run Harvard Square Homeless Shelter serves 15 homeless men and women through the coldest months of the year. During their one to 14-night stays, residents are offered a bed, food security, and a directory of general resources. 

Their sister program, the Harvard Square Summer Shelter, continues to serve the homeless population during a 7-week season between June and August. The organization also offers a Work Contract Program, where guests who are willing to save a portion of their income to put towards permanent housing are provided with an extended 10-week stay as well as support from financial management and resource advocates. 

HSHS generally accepts the majority of volunteers for weekly shifts in September-October of each year, though there is a substitute volunteer list for individuals who are unable to make weekly commitments. Volunteer recruitment typically happens three times a year in September, January, and June.

Volunteer activities have included:

  • Cooking/serving meals

  • Collecting donated food from nearby retailers

  • Cleaning the space



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