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Haley House

Haley House

Haley House fights inequality and fosters individuals' economic independence, offering a wide range of  support including shelter, job training, clothing, and food that emphasizes healthy eating. 

Haley House uses its “Take Back the Kitchen” program to teach participants about nutrition and the joys of cooking from scratch. They also steward two plots of land: an urban farm in Roxbury, and a garden plot in the South End. The nutrient-dense and flavorful crops from these sites are given to local residents and used in the Haley House kitchens. The organization also manages 100+ affordable housing units and has a live-in community for volunteers dedicated to managing its services and building deep connections with Haley House guests.

Volunteer activities have included:

  • Preparing meals

  • Managing the food pantry

  • Assisting with cooking/nutrition classes

  • Assisting with food service job training

  • Maintaining urban gardens

  • Cleaning up/maintaining the space

  • Special event support



23 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116



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