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Community Art Center

Community Art Center

Armed with the belief that art can change lives, the Community Art Center aims to “develop the next generation of civically engaged, community-minded leaders and problem-solvers." As students dance, draw, write, sculpt, photograph, and take videos within this supportive environment, they develop a valuable means of self-expression and transformation. Students can also take advantage of mental health services, transportation, and up to three meals a day. CAC is celebrated for its outdoor mural work and as the originator and host of Do It Your Damn Self!! (DIYDS!!), a national youth film festival. Founded in 1996 by six Cambridge teens who felt misrepresented in the media and wanted to change it, the festival champions social-justice and issue-focused youth filmmakers.

Volunteer activities have included:

  • Office support

  • Childcare and classroom assistance

  • Food service

  • Event support 

  • Board service



119 Windsor Street, Cambridge, MA 02139



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