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Cancer Education and Research Institute (CERI)

Cancer Education and Research Institute (CERI)

Cancer Education and Research Institute® (CERI) ( ensures worldwide access to high-quality cancer care, research, and education.


CERI is an award-winning, independent, Cambridge-based, 501(c)(3) global non-profit organization. Its mission is to 1) make cancer and cancer research understandable for everyone; 2) bridge the gap between cancer professionals and cancer patients; 3) provide cancer research scholarships for promising high school students worldwide, career guidance, and mentorship; and 4) conduct in-house innovative cancer research and directly translate it to the public. CERI is the United Nations, UNIATF Award 2019 recipient.


To date, CERI has educated more than 7.5 million people around the globe and helped more than 2.6K cancer patients worldwide.


CERI has four core programs:

1) CERI Cancer Education Program

2) CERI Personalized Patient Program

3) CERI Youth Program

4) CERI Cancer Research Program


Volunteer activities have included:

  • Research and writing on advances in cancer treatment

  • Social media and outreach

  • Patient support




PO Box 400335, Cambridge, MA 02140



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