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Cambridge Department of Recycling

Cambridge Department of Recycling

Cambridge Recycling coordinates weekly recycling and food waste collection, as well as outreach and education. The Department also manages the Recycle Center; mattresses, clothing and textiles, and yard waste collection; scrap metal, electronics, and appliance recycling. Outreach activities include assisting students during lunch, hosting Fix It Clinics, kitchen compost bin and compost bag giveaways, surveys, tabling and assisting with recycling/composting at public events, and Waste Sorting Game activities.

Volunteer activities have included:

  • Guiding local students to recycle/compost lunch debris

  • Providing assistance at outreach/giveaway events

  • Communications/design support

  • Sorting batteries or other items for recycling

  • Assembling kitchen kits (placing compost bags and instructions in kitchen bins) for distribution


(617) 349-4866


147 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA 02139



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