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Cambridge Camping Association

Cambridge Camping Association

Cambridge Camping's mission is to provide meaningful and inspiring experiences to children from urban and under-resourced circumstances in supportive and inclusive summer and school year communities.


Historically, CCA provided access to summer experiences through their own day camps and partner camps, to which they provide scholarships and referrals. In recent years, CCA expanded beyond summer camp to provide year-round programming in order to increase their impact. Throughout all their programs, CCA intentionally and consistently refers to participating children as “campers” and staff as “counselors” -- because camp has been the focus of their work and because they believe that camp represents a unique and very special sense of community, mentorship, and connection. CCA programs are more than just activities. They include a trauma-sensitive environment, a focus on the power of relationships, and a steadfast practice of inclusion and diversity.

Volunteer activities have included:

  • Assisting with camp activities

  • Office work

  • Help with events and outreach

  • Board membership




99 Bishop Allen Drive #3A, Cambridge, MA 02139



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