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2Life Communities

2Life Communities

2Life Communities, a nonprofit organization founded in 1965, operates on the belief that all seniors should have the opportunity to live a full life of connection and purpose in a dynamic, supportive environment - a model 2Life calls aging in community, which directly combats the growing public health crisis of social isolation and loneliness amongst older adults.

At 2Life Communities, residents can step out the doors of their own apartments and find friendship, community, physical and intellectual stimulation, and a helping hand day or night. Serving a diverse population of 1,500 older adults, 2Life creates communities with a laser sharp focus on affordability - a tremendous concern given that Massachusetts is the state with the second largest gap in the U.S. between seniors’ median income and the cost of living.

Volunteer activities have included:

  • Friendly visiting

  • Providing tech help

  • Front desk reception

  • Hosting social groups




30 Wallingford Rd



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